Nutrigenomics/Gene Based Diet Plans
Genetic testing reports gives insight to any changes in DNA and genes
Genetic test reports confirm/rule out genetic disorders.
Great tool in understanding chronic issues like Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Obesity, hormonal disorders, Autism management.
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Why Genetic
AT Golz nutrigenomics expertise helps you in understanding your genetic profile.
An effective and specific nutrition and diet plans are chalked out to overcome, prevent and manage various disease and health conditions
The genetic data helps in predicting specific health disorders, fitness management, setting targets for obesity/weight management/sports nutrition/ autism spectrum and overall fitness & wellness.

Genetic recommendations are brought directly on to your plate by Golz & their team.Nutrigenomics or gene-based diet plans are highly effective

  • To set targets on health objective—hormonal/heart issues/diabetes etc
  • To overcome fitness issues (muscle mass/injury risk)
  • To know intolerance/food sensitivities (gluten/lactose/allergies etc)
  • To understand Metabolic capacity/limitations of macro and micro nutrients specific to our gene
  • Genetic capacity on how fast or slow the nutrients are absorbed.
  • Predisposed health & disease conditions/ health predictions
  • Behavioural modifications esp in ASD/AUTISM

Various traits reports like hormonal/ hyperactivity/ anxiety/ autism helps in planning & implementation of diet solutions based on genetic profile.

Nutrigenomics endurance and fitness panels help understand endurance fitness and muscle capacity, injury risk. These recommendations give us clarity on workout, fitness trainings and help perform sports personnel’s to their maximum capacity.

Useful/Beneficial for management of:

  • Weight issues/ obesity/diabetic
  • Fitness/ endurance – sports personnel’s
  • Women health—pcod/thyroid/menupasal issues
  • Autism management
  • Gluten IntoleranceLactose Intolerance


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