Deepthi Bevara, Germany

Dear Sushma Ma’am,

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Greetings. It is a great pleasure to write a testimonial to you and these are my heartfelt words to thank you for all the guidance that you have been giving me since I had the child birth.

To all,

I had great difficulties after giving birth to my baby girl. During that time I had few people supporting me with genuine maternal guidance and diet regimes. After delivery I had lactating issues and her nutritional plans really helped me regain lactation and enhance my little daughter gain weight consistently. It is completely due to the diet plan what GOLZ team has provided me. I followed their plan with discipline and the results are truly satisfying. I was fortunate to be guided to consult Dr. Sushma for perfect diet plans post pregnancy, and since then I have been in regular touch till date with respect to my kid with the doctor. In this age of significant medical commerciality, I am lucky to be in contact with such a genuine doctor who not only provides me with proper medical advices (cure through diet), but also a great emotional counselling. Although I live abroad, she really understands the case with great care and provides appropriate suggestions. In addition she is always available and posses a pleasing personality. She spends ample time in completely understanding the situation and only suggests perfect care through diet and only if necessary, advices to consult other doctors unlike many doctors who try to cash in the smallest of consultations. Her nutritional, paternal caring advices all helped me a great deal to handle touch times and I still contact regularly for improving my kids growth. I can convey that she is a doctor with a motherly touch, which makes her the best guide for many mothers in need. I can definitely recommend her as a best care doctor for all mothers requiring medical assistance. Once you contact the Dr.Sushma you will always admire here care and touch to help you maternal lives.

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