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Dr Sushma Appaiah, the nutrition consultant initiated the wellness programe for GMR employees, mangalore in the year 2008, March. The wellness and health concern for the employees and their families was conceptualized by then General Manager Mr Ramesh R Pai and his team members i.e Mr Prabhakaran, Mr Chakrapani, Mr Navraj. Since then, our employees are councelled by her regularly.

Since last six years she has covered various health issues with her regular visits and customized the health and nutrition requirements for all our staff and their families. Her presentations with interactions have definitely motivated and helped our people to modify food habits and lifestyle.
Many of our employees could be diagnosed at early stages for ailment and managed the existing aliments well with regular counseling. Some of our young employees were counseled from serious life style disorders due to alcoholism and smoking. Many of them could quit these habits completely due to her timely intervention.

Overall her programmes are very informative and easy to follow. The health issues and its relation to food are lucidly presented and made to understand in simple manner. Many of our employees have gained knowledge and insight to various ailments, and methods to prevent and manage them easily. One of the interesting and different approach of Dr Sushma is her diet plan within the food we consume which makes all of us comfortable and easy to follow.

We look forward for her association and wish her good luck with future Endeavour’s. For GMR Energy Limited,


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