Lachith Kumar Nath, Mysore

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This is LK Nath father of Prasoon Nath.My son age is now 5 years and he is an Autistic child.You may be aware that Autism child have lots of difficulties in day to day activities like Seating Tolerance, Hyper , Toilet and Constipation, less concentration, Lake of Eye contact etc.Earlier I was also not aware that good diet plan and food plays a huge roll in Autism. Last year July I met Mam and I registered with GOLZ . Since than I am continuing GOLZ diet plan and Nutrition Solution for my son Prasoon. Now he has improves a lot. His Constipation and motion is OK now . He is seating in the classroom also. He starts following commands now. I am convinced now that only Therapy will not help Autism child. Last two years we are doing Speech Therapy and OT for Prasoon but exact output is not gain. But with GOLZ Diet plan suggestions in conjunction with Therapy help us a lot. So from my point of view GOLZ diet plan is very truthful and useful for child having Autism and Hyper active.

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