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Envisaged with improving health & quality of life with scientific knowledge on nutrition in day to day life.
Founded in June, 2015, as GOLZ (Giggles of Livez), based on 9 years of freelance experience with corporate wellness and health Counselling programs
GOLZ is unique diet Solution firm, which provides prevention & management of health disorders through nutrition & holistic approach.
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Human being needs wide array of nutrients for normal body functions, maintenance, replacement of old tissues etc. The nutrition requirements vairy based on age, gender and physiological condition of each person. Significant factor which decides the overall total energy or calories needs is based on how we burn our calories in whole day, based on our occupation or nature of work we do.

Balanced food or balanced diet is the soul of good health. Most of the time the word diet makes people understand that, “they should not eat” but the fact is diet solution at Golz ensures balanced food/ diet customised especially for you.Once your diet and nutrition is ensured, you achieve good health, naturally.

We believe in Mutually empowering good health happiness & nutrition naturally (MEGHHNN).


Kshema Healthcare, #338,
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