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Envisaged with improving health & quality of life with scientific knowledge on nutrition in day to day life.

Founded in Nov,2014, as GOLZ (Giggles of Livez), based on 9 years of freelance experience with corporate wellness and health Counselling programs

GOLZ is unique diet Solution firm, which provides prevention & management of health disorders through nutrition & holistic approach.

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Nutrition for Women Health
Significant Role of women health as mother, wife and daughter-in-law Women always have significant role in shaping good health of the whole family in fulfilling nutritional need and food habits…
Nutrition for Autistic children, and differently abled children—-
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) Autism affects the social and communication skills of the children.It is also marked with poor concentration, poor eye contact and limited speech. Report from CDC indicates…
Heart Aliments (CVD)/ Hypertention
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) or heart disease is general term which deals with diseases of the heart and blood vessels. In India the onset of CVD is at an early age;…
Children with Low Weight / Height /frequent illness
We all know that continuous growth and regular weight gain from birth of the child is very important. Poor diet, frequent illness, and inadequate care of young children can lead…
Nutrition Care for Old age
Our nutrient requirements changes with age, especially with aging calorie requirement gets reduced along with overall absorbtion, but maintenance of all other nutrients viz-proteins, vitamins and minerals becomes vital. So,…
Nutrition counselling for Thyroid and (PCOS) problems
Thyroid hormone has important role to regulate numerous metabolic body processes Hypothyroidism results from the thyroid gland producing an insufficient amount of thyroid hormone. It can develop from problems within…
Nutrition for sports personnel
The body’s ability to deliver and utilize oxygen in sufficient quantities to meet the demands of increasing levels of exercise is called fitness. People who exercise have increased muscle strength…
Nutrition for Weight management
At Golz we help to manage weight, through our customized diet and nutrition. The emphasis is always on eating right, making best food choices and reducing weight without getting stressed…
Prevent/ Manage Diabetes
Diabetes mellitus (DM)--- DM is a chronic metabolic disorder that prevents the body to utilize glucose completely or partially. Stress conditions enhance chances of diabetes mellitus if person is having…
Nutrition For Pregnancy
Nutrition is important for all the age groups. Nutrition before and during pregnancy has very high impact on health. Maternal/mother,s health is affected by genetic, social and economic factors and…

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Roopa N , Banglore
Roopa N , Banglore

I reduced my weight in a healthy and gradually manner. The relationship with food completely changed.

Megha Janardhan, Mysore
Megha Janardhan, Mysore

We could see that with diet control, thyroid problems and diabetes was reversed.

Deepthi Bevara, Germany
Deepthi Bevara, Germany

I can convey that she is a doctor with a motherly touch, which makes her the best guide for many mothers in need.

Lachith Kumar Nath, Mysore
Lachith Kumar Nath, Mysore

GOLZ diet plan is very truthful and useful for child having Autism and Hyper active.

Sunanda Sriram, Chennai
Sunanda Sriram, Chennai

Sushma designs lifestyle diets and no special efforts needed to follow the diet. There is weight loss without showing any tiredness in face.

GMR Energy, India
GMR Energy, India

One of the interesting and different approach of Dr Sushma is her diet plan within the food we consume which makes all of us comfortable and easy to follow.

Tips of the Month

Breakfast & Fresh Lime

Fresh Lemon juice taken along with the breakfast improves the absorption of iron.

Why Sea Foods

You get good amount of DHA and EPA from sea foods.

Only Supplements

Supplements should never replace the actual foods.

Get your Antioxidants

Colourful vegetables , fruits, green tea are great source of antioxidents.

Boost your Metabolism

Foods rich in zinc improves metabolism of neurotransmitters and fatty acids.

Live Probiotically


News & Updates

Healthy updates

“Eat right- Eat wise”
Many times we have experienced that starting or initiating a change is highly challenging. Moreover, if it is to do something with our own food or eating habits it becomes…
Our Actions are Our Future “Healthy Diets For a # Zero hunger World”
Dear all, It brings me great pleasure to write the first blog of Golz on this World Food Day. We at Giggles of Livez (Golz) always believe in healthy diets.…



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