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It brings me great pleasure to write the first blog of Golz on this World Food Day. We at Giggles of Livez (Golz) always believe in healthy diets. Healthy diets means translating appropriate nutrition for every age, through balanced food.
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This world food day is extremely important for me as founder of Golz. Our mission of reaching the concept of balanced food or healthy diets is in sync with this year’s World Food Day theme i.e Our Actions are Our Future “Healthy Diets For a # Zero hunger World” The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) calls upon every youth and citizens around the world to take action to reach the goal of # zero hunger a reality by 2030.

As a nutrition counselor we would like you all to join with us in this mission of # Zero hunger world.

However, like to share my deep concerns on the nutritional health of our nation. Over 19 crore Indian population suffer from malnutrition and hunger.(2019).We rank 102 in hunger index among 117 countries, much behind Pakistan, Nepal etc,reports global hunger index (Oct/2019). Almost 38% of children within 5 yrs are havng stunted growth. About 20% of Indian children are undernourished (census, 2011,CRY). National Nutrition survey reported recently 10% prediabetic children and teenage.Out of this 5% already are overweight and 5% with high blood pressure.51.4% of our women(15 – 46 yrs) suffers from Anemia (a condition where blood has low hemoglobin causing tiredness, exhaustion) affecting overall productivity.

We are facing dual challenge to overcome hunger and malnutrition alongwith imbalance of macro and micronutrients through healthy diets,

These alarming data makes us think again and again on what we are eating and what is our lifestyle.

To achieve healthy diet, food has to be balanced with good taste and appearance also. It is very important that diet/daily food has to fulfill our nutritional needs and satisfy our taste buds too. Let us start our journey with small but effective changes in our daily food habits for healthy living

1. Add colours–Bring in different colour fruit and vegetables on your plate daily.
Have more fusion.
2. Avoid/limit repeatation–Do not repeat the same menu/ food at least for a week (cook only small quantity)
3. Daily physical activity–Kick start your day with at least 20 – 25 min physical exercise
(Can be cycling, Zumba, dancing (any form), yoga, brisk walk, jogging etc)
4. Plan your plate-Plan your daily menu a bit in advance.
5. Add natural anti-oxidents–Eat daily plenty of raw foods (UR daily detox) – i.e., Salads, fruits, sprouts (mainly seasonal)
6. Mindfulness–At the time of taking food/ snacks keep your focus on what you are eating. Enjoy and relish
7. Reduce processed foods–Limit packed /Ready to eat/ processed foods to 1-2 times only in a week.
8. Enjoy low sugar/low salt–Limit sugar to 2-3 teaspoon and salt to 1-2 teaspoon for each person daily strictly.
9. Healthy Snacking–Keep always nuts and seeds handy for munching or snacking.
10. Daily Proteins-Always add protein rich foods in every meal,without fail.
11. Regulate energy levels–Never skip your breakfast.
12. Hobbies–Spend 20 min daily on any hobby without fail.
13. Time for sleeping— Last but not the least sleep by 10;30 or maximum by 11 pm.

It’s time for all of us to focus, plan and take action on our healthy diets for disease free future.

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