Team Golz is empowering on
• Eat right
• Balanced food-age/gender/disease-specific
• Overall fitness, lifestyle modifications & health
• Good Nutrition for all age
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Cancer and Gut Health
Golz has expanded its customised nutrition and diet plans to help cancer patients

• During chemotherapy & radiation
• To prevent weight loss
• To improve gut health & immunity issues
• IBS and Liver health is effectively managed @ Golz with Probiotics/Prebiotics

Covid Nutrition
During covid & Post Covid recovery management (Given below)

Stress & Health Management
Post Covid stress has become an integral part of every age. Team Golz provides diet plans to overcome, prevent and manage daily stress, with holistic approach
Manage stress & overcome sleep disorders

Gene-Based Diet
Nutrigenomics/Gene-based diet plans
Genetic testing reports give insight into any changes in DNA and genes
Genetic test reports confirm/rule out genetic disorders.
A great tool for understanding chronic issues like Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Obesity, hormonal disorders, and Autism management.

Golz Nutrition for Children
Children’s eating and food habits are vital in making them healthy person as adults.
Reach Golz for regular monitoring of the health and overall growth of your kids, Reach us:
• If your child is sick frequently
• Not gaining height and weight
• Not eating/ picky eating/ stomach issues
• Looks dull & tired mostly

• Not mingling socially

Golz Nutrition for Women’s Health
Nutrition for adolescent girls
(Good Nutrition -Foundation for healthy women)

Nutrition for Pregnancy/ Lactation
(Ensure your health & baby’s growth: Check Golz Solutions )

Nutrition for GDM (Diabetes During Pregnancy)
(Monitoring for safe delivery, nutrition & diets to prevent & manage GDM)

*Nutrition for Thyroid issues
(Reverse thyroid issues/reduce medication with our dietary interventions)

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