Health & Nutrition Services for Children
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  • Infant /toddler nutrition
  • Early intervention to Mealth Disorders
  • Frequent illness/Immunity issues
  • Regular health & Nutritional monitoring
  • Hormonal Health for Adolescents
  • Customised Sports Nutrition for Children and Teenage
  • Nutrition for Gut Health

Nutrition Requirements For Specially abled Children

  • Nutrition for children with Autism
  • Nutrition to Manage hyperactivity, behaviour issues
  • Customised Diet plans for ADHD/Hyperactivity
    (Manage Autism with Golz Nutrition)
  • Nutritional for mood swing/MIR/Down Syndrome
  • Feeding plans for epileptic kids


Kshema Healthcare, #338,
Bogadi Main Road,
Mysuru, Karnataka 570026


No.1286, 15th,
A Cross Rd, Roopa Nagar,
Mysuru, Karnataka 570026

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