Calarie Counting
Calorie Counting
As a Nutritionist and diet counsellor, we are visited by large populations struggling with weight issues. Many of them would have tried plenty of DIY remedies or various methods. Some…
Fuel Your Immunity with Right nutrition
Whole world is fighting with COVID-19 and India at present is on high alert. The first thought which comes to our mind is prevent and not panic. What your daily…
Eat or Not to Eat before Exercise
There is no doubt on benefits from exercise. However, there is always a debate, whether to exercise on empty stomach or after eating. Well, it depends on what are your…
Dementia -Nutrition and Exercise
Why old people forget, is that too glaring It could be Alzheimer.  Alzheimer disease is a progressive disorder that causes brain cells to degenerate and die. Alzheimer’s disease is most…
Fuel Your Immunity with Right nutrition
“Eat right- Eat wise”
Many times we have experienced that starting or initiating a change is highly challenging. Moreover, if it is to do something with our own food or eating habits it becomes…


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