There is no doubt on benefits from exercise. However, there is always a debate, whether to exercise on empty stomach or after eating.
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Well, it depends on what are your targets. Exercising on empty stomach helps burn more body fat and increases metabolism. During exercise on empty stomach, stored fats are converted for energy supply, this leads to rapid fat burning. Also, we have to keep in mind levels of hormone-insulin which regulates the blood sugar. When we do exercise at lowest levels of insulin, our body automatically relies on stored energy i.e fat as fuel. One can get the maximum benefit of exercise, when done on empty stomach. However many people find it difficult to exercise on empty stomach. To loose stored fats its great way, but remember for rigrous work outs, athletes chances of loosing muscle mass is high.

So for people with regular sedentary lifestyle who wants to attain great fitness, immunity and maintain weight empty stomach regular exercise will always boost metabolism and prevent lifestyle disorders.

Its really very important to get professional help based on your health targets

At Golz we believe in planning your nutrition along with exercise schedules based on your age and lifestyle. Exercise with right nutrition is sure gateway to healthy and happy you.

Remember you need to rehydrate your body during and after the excercise!!!!

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