As a Nutritionist and diet counsellor, we are visited by large populations struggling with weight issues. Many of them would have tried plenty of DIY remedies or various methods. Some of them would have subscribed to various health apps, as well.
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Most common perception about weight management is to keep a check on calories. Many people do take care of portion size as well. However, they completely miss out on the source of these calories. Each food gives calories, which provides fuel or energy for our daily activities and metabolism (BMR). Refined or processed foods will give you calories which mostly are nutritionally not dense, thus, making you feel hungry very soon, being high in glycemic index (GI) and low in glycemic load (GL) e.g: baked foods. On the other hand, complex carbs or proteins rich foods, will keep your system fuelled for a long time, as they are low in GI and high in GL. 

 As a golden rule, a good balanced diet should ensure calories along with nutrients in the right portion and proportion as per the age, gender and physical activity of the person. So, foods on your plate should give calories from mixed food items or a variety of food groups for e.g snack items need not to be sugary/ oily/ baked. They can be whole grams which gives you calories with plant proteins and keep your hunger prangs away.

Calories counting is essential and along with calories following concept should not be missed in daily food choices-

  • Keep in mind calorie count & focus on from where these calories are coming.(Refined/ processed/ whole grams/ whole veggies/ raw salads)
  • Pay attention to daily fibre along with calories. Natural, fibres are best e.g whole fruits/ seasonal and locally available greens.
  • Do not forget to burn your calories on daily basis (Exercise/ dance/ yoga schedules)
  • Do not miss regular hydration for whole day (e.g salads/ juicy fruits/ water/ soup)

“So this year with your health milestones keep in mind your calorie goals as well as from where these calories are coming”

Authored by – Dr Sushma Appaiah
Nutrition counsellor & founder Golz- Nutrition & diet solutions.

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